Wood dowel (C) goes into hole (D)

August 17, 2007

As these things tend to go, it all ended anti-climatically. We came, she was gone, we moved in… er, are MOVING in. This is gonna take a while. But, we have time for b-fast on the porch in the morning.

So far: we’ve met our old friend, Donna Nuna, from Cali. who happens to be a visiting prof here! We’ve had a huge salad and bread lunch brought over from the neighbors! We’ve had coffee and blueberry pie over at the other next door neighbors! We had our first run – most of it along the river… (some of it inhaling noxious paper factory fumes)!

Huzzah and Welcome to the bahngnahngdahng!




  1. that’s great! i called you yesterday asking for news… i thought that lady was responsible for the earthquake in my “homeland,” but it looks like the reasons were different. welcome to your new home, dominica and matthew!

  2. cool!!!! congrat!!!!!

  3. 매티, 곧 있음 생일이잖오!
    진실한 친구인 매티의 생일, 진심으로 생일 미리미리 축하해요!!
    작년에 연극 보러 같이 못간게 넘 아쉬워!

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