Still not in…

August 9, 2007

The indignity! Our closing from hell continues. The seller won’t leave the house she agreed to sell! So, we are left in vagabondage, our every possession in storage, our cats and persons in my parents’ basement. Oh, how could it come to this?!

One more week, just one more week. The bahngnahngdahng beckons…



  1. well, it’s just like when something that is “not right” (a euphemism) happens to me and you tell me that i should be patient, that it could always be worse… patience, my man, and open up to this crazy experience’s lessons. come on, aren’t you the buddhist here?

  2. there is much to enjoy in this tight spot, yes. we are fortunate enough to take part in two family parties, and my parents are being most gracious hosts to us all. It’s fun, even as we vex. It’s getting hot here though, damn. Hope you are keeping cool, F. Appreciate the advice, as always. . . 🙂

  3. Hi guys,

    sorry to hear about the bummer home situation…fleeting though it hsoudl be (and hopefully sorted by now)…. as for intermittent email access……welcome to my world….I write this message at almost midnight sitting in the Renault 4 in the main square of montpezat where my asskicking mac can pick up the wifi signal of the Montpezat mediateque…..we leave in aweek and I’m STILL waiting for JJC to sort out the wifi access at his house….no internet access on my computer from JJC’s house alllllll summer…it has made me very cranky at times…at other times I just sip rose and have thrown myself full into home repairs and improvements I’m Mr. tile guy and a plumbing and electricity apprentice….meanwhile my academic intellectual self has languished almost entirely…..alas..

    I love you both and can’t wait to chat and then even see you both in the flesh…I’ve begun lobbying for a fall trip to Wisc……

    stay tuned
    reno shlim

  4. Matty,

    Come on now. Our finished off basement rec room ain’t no root cellar!


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