Happy Birthday Dad! Oh, and I’m now on hiatus

July 31, 2007

As of 10.22 am Seoul local time, vagabondage is going on hiatus. We’ll see you again after we get settled in the bahngnahngdahng. ‘Till then, hope you enjoyed the vagabondin’ in Korea.

Ah! One last bit of business to attend to… a Happy Birthday greeting to the pater familias. Happy Birthday DAD! and many many many more.

Here’s a pic from the hunting cabin… the two progeny above, as you can see, turned out somewhat normal… the two on the bottom… uhm… uhm… Dad… any explanation?



One comment

  1. Matty,

    I wouldn’t dare say they get their genes from their mother because, unfortunately, they look a lot like me.

    Looking forward to seeing you here tomorrow.



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