Na neun gayo.

July 30, 2007

So this is it, the morning of my last full day in Korea this time around. 85% of the final goodbyes are done, but some of the hardest ones remain. I’ve already shed a few tears, but the heaviest ones are yet poised to drop.

I have very little left to say right now other than it’s a weighty thing to forge out a new life in a foreign land, and then have to leave it all behind. I’ll be back, but the world I’ve created this year will not be here when I return.

Lee Sangeun (aka Lee Tzsche) provides the mood music and refrain with her song “Samak사막” (Desert)…

“Na neun gayo.”

I’m leaving… I’m leaving…




  1. Matty and Dominica,

    No one can ever take away from you that which you bring with you.



  2. I feel for you, Matty. I’m crying thinking of the times I had to leave my life behind….the U.S., France, Hawaii, Kansas, Texas. Each of them was a special place with special friends and a special life that you don’t get back. You forge ahead and make a new, special, better life but never forget the one past. It is always there with you. Love, Mom

  3. Thanks for the comments Mom and Dad… and thanks for being my loyal readers this year. It was fun knowing that I had people who wanted to read, and it made me more careful about paying attention to my life here and sharing it with y’all back home.

    Moving closer to home, I might be asking for so many favors/help and the like, perhaps you’ll wish I never came back? 🙂

    See you sooon!!!

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