On a clear day, you can see forever…

July 10, 2007

. . . or at least Namsan Tower (which, Dominica is being too humble here to let everyone know, was designed and constructed by her uncle, the late Chang Jong-ryul). After what seemed like weeks of hot, muggy, rainy, miserable weather, the heat and humidity broke finally broke today. The high of 77 degrees fahrenheit felt almost chilly by recent standards and the strong, cool breeze lifted the omnipresent smog such that we could see clear across the city. We celebrated the glorious weather by going for a run to the top of World Cup Park, a renovated landfill built to commemorate the 2002 FIFA World Cup games.

From the observatory on top of the park, on this rare clear sky day, we were happily reminded that Seoul does indeed have a beautiful skyline. We’ve been busier than usual recently with editing and teaching (I’ve recently taken on 4 students), so it was a treat to just enjoy the beautiful day together.

In two days, our good friend Jaime will arrive for a 10-day visit. We haven’t seen her for two years and she’s never been to Asia, so it will be wonderful both to catch up with her and to visit all of our favorite places one last time with “beginner’s mind” before heading home.


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