June 24, 2007

Another thing I really love and will miss about Seoul is that it is so easy to go out and play here. On any given night of the week, for example, we need only walk 10 minutes to Hongdae to join the throngs of people out eating, drinking, shopping, clubbing, and basically taking a break from their otherwise hectic and stress-filled lives.

Granted, we are extremely fortunate to live near Hongdae, an area renowned throughout the entire country for its vibrant nightlife and unique restaurants, bars, and cafés (e.g., previously-blogged favorites such as Cocaine Music Bar and the BAU House Café). However, there are lots of other opportunities to play cheaply and conveniently in Seoul, even in the fancy, upscale districts. Last night, we had a great time out with friends in Apgujeong (incriminating photo evidence here): an affordable dinner out at tasty Italian restaurant, followed by a bar with $5 cocktails, then 2 hours in a private karaoke room (all these within minutes stumbling distance from each other). When we were ready to go home, we waited approximately 1 minute for a ridiculously-cheap-by-US-standards taxi ride home.

But Seoul makes playtime so convenient that you don’t even need four walls to have a party. Walk 5 minutes in any direction and you will stumble upon a 24/7 stop-n-shop. Buy the necessary snacks and beverages and voilà, instant café/bar (without the pesky bar time)!

Or, how about an instant private party at a location of your choosing? Korea’s highly developed delivery culture is such that all one would need to do is pick up the phone to have dinner, beer, etc. (cigarettes, women, you name it), delivered within 15 minutes to wherever you are, even at a random spot that you’ve staked out down by the river:

Yes, I know what you are probably thinking: sounds fun and all, but surely no match for the nightlife in Appleton that awaits us, right?



  1. Korean Wegehaupts,

    The Lawrence Vikings baseball team is currently 12-21, but highly entertaining.

    You are but a few mles north of the EAA Museum in Oshkosh.

    Fishing is great in Winnebago.

    You’re not that far from the cabin.

    You’re not far from Menomonee Falls.

    What more could you want?


  2. You Dreamers, You!!

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