Home Sweet Home

June 7, 2007


Behold the bahng nahng dahng. Yes, you heard me, the bahng nahng dahng. For you Korean readers, that’s방랑당 and for you Chinese character purists… that would be, 放浪堂. It means, roughly, the “Hall of Vagabondage” (or, to be precise: bahngnahng 방랑 [放浪] wandering; roaming; roving; a Bohemian life; dahng 당 [堂]: hall).

I hope we’re not jinxing anything here, since we realize that the house is not 100% ours until the closing paperwork is signed, but our offer has been accepted, the inspection completed, and the financing secured. Therefore, hopefully it’s safe to present our home for the next few years, 5xx E. Pacific St. in Appleton, WI. We’re thrilled to have found a place that is just minutes from the downtown area and a mere 4 blocks from my office (my daily commute will take me through City Park, a nice way to start and end each day and site of a soon to be constructed plaza). We’re especially jazzed about the front porch, on which we are already fantasizing about mid-afternoon naps with the kitties (the family-sized hammock has already been ordered) and later-afternoon beers with the New Glarus Spotted Cows. Have a look at the Flickr set if you are so inclined. The house is currently under renovation, hence the unfinished state of some of the rooms. However, all work will be completed by our move-in date in early August. Of course, we’re looking forward to everyone’s visit!

M here: Well, I must say it is very strange to be making such a monumental purchase without ever having seen or witnessed firsthand the product. Thank the heavens for internet, digital cameras, and Kinkos. The local Kinkos has been invaluable in providing us a place to quickly download, print, sign, scan, and return all the key documents of this undertaking. Sadly, I know its interior better than our home-to-be. But, I am getting intimate with the place the best way I can. In the style of any garden variety oriental-style seeker, I’ve named the abode, and already have a Korean style name-plaque (hyeonpan 현판) in mind that I’ll be having carved up before we head back. Why name a house? Well, maybe its the Confucian in me. Confucius was the one who was big on names, and on using names as the first step to create the reality you seek in life. In other words, if you want to live in Heaven, name your home “Heaven,” as a prerequisite first step. I don’t want to live in Heaven yet, for now, it’s just a happy little “Hall of Vagabondage.”



  1. where is my room?? and more importantly.. where is the POOL!!!!!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    it looks good…. I REALLY wish I can visit you guyz someday….

    keep your fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wa, nice looking house. Plenty of room for books!

    But more importantly, will the kitties like it? We know who’s boss….

    happy moving guys!

  3. […] sign that will be near our home . . . I ordered a wood name plaque for the 방랑당 bahngnahngdahng. It turned out incredibly well. I got goose bumps when I saw it. Then, later that night, two of my […]

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