The Best of 1972

June 6, 2007

In celebration of my 35th birthday later this week, I spent a good couple of hours on Last.fm compiling a “best of 1972” playlist. Unfortunately, the widget they provide that should allow me to post the playlist directly to the blog doesn’t work. Matty was then sweet enough to compile another list for me with another application, but alas, that didn’t work either! Grr. So, it’s not as convenient as it could be, but I hope that you’ll still use these links to have a listen. There’s a lot of overlap, but the lists are not identical, so pick the one you like best and let yourself be transported back to the days of Watergate, Apollo 16, and M*A*S*H. Hope you enjoy them (even if only ironically)!

  • Last.fm: scroll down the page and click on “play in pop up” under “My Playlist.”
  • Project Playlist
  • Remembrance of things (way) past:


    Dominica and Joe, c., 1972



    1. no, no ironic pleasures here, no irony allowed, ok? if you want to listen to the list, it has to be FOR REAL. no cool indie snobs allowed… steely dan? love them! al green? he’s my man! t. rex? the one and only king of glam! bread? i love their hairdos! jim croce? that no ironic moustache, come on!

      by the way, funny how the list shows the title of the t. rex song in its american version, “bang a gong.” the real name of the song is GET IT ON!

    2. and what a cute baby 🙂

    3. no cool indie snobs, indeed. thanks, f, for the comments and for the help compiling the list! by the way, Last.fm had both versions of Get it On, but only the one with the wrong title had the full stream. How did I know you would catch and comment on that? 😉

    4. crap! a very long comment just got erased because I took too long to write it and wordpress timedout on me.

      in brief:

      it’s a VERY tough call: which image is cuter and pulls more heartily on the heart strings?:

      -Dominica and Joe, ca. 1972


      -Matty and Hong Seokcheong, ca. May 2007

      Both images just fill me with love and longing for the both of you (and the accompanying posts fill me with my usual admiration-bordering-on-awe at your intelligences, humors, and abilities to maintain such a blog that I so value and enjoy; while you do that I, for comparison, took hours yesterday trying to figure out how to transfer my ipod mini tunes to my new mac…I did succeed I’m a little bit proud to say..thanks to imac chat forum and seruti)

      anyhoo, Mag, Juju and I arrived in France a week ago…the three flight (Reno-Phoenix-Philly-Paris) one train (CDG-Nimes) one automobile (Nimes-Montpezat) transit was relatively smooth (with JuJu sleeping and watching Madagascar on the mac for much of the trip), but it left us struggling to adapt to the 9-hour time change (whine whine, say the Soul-midwest jetsetters who travel with multiple cats). It’s 5:30 am here and Im’ up since 4 not doing so well in adjusting…Mag and Juju are fairing better, juju only recently.

      We’re in Marseille now and head back to Montpezat with the Renault 4 Mag’s Mom and Virginio are again generously lending us for the summer. Here in Marseilles, M & V have their wifi up and running and so it’s been the first time I’ve been able to connect and pute on my beloved macbook. JJC is on the verge of finally ditching his AOL -box for the superior French wanadoo box…but until that happens we’re wirless in Montpezat. This means no chat with M & D until the swithc occurs, but when it does we cannot wait to see and catch up a bit with the two of yous.

      Ok, I’m sending this now before it too diappears into the ether….

      I love you and miss you both. I went for the first run to the source the other day, thinking again about Matty’s running post, and conniving about how maybe this summer I maybe will try to get regular…but all this moving around and parenting keeps getting in the way…and, ok, my laziness and lack of commitment too… anyway, wish the two of you had been with me.

      gros gros bisous,

      take four bites of the next serving of kimchee and 6 of the next Bim Bap for me please!!!


    5. And btw: Happy Birthday Dominy!!!!! I hpe we can do a b-day chat w/in the big week! 35: a new insurance bracket…it’s 35 and over now baby! and I don’t just mean that baby figuratively…I’m 40 afterall

    6. Happy Birthday girl!! 35 is oh, so young!. Be happy. Love, Mom

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