odd sights in seoul

May 5, 2007

– two folks riding by on their bikes with huge parrots nested comfortably on their shoulder and handle bars, respectively

-an older gentleman, retired soldier from the looks of his all-fatigues sartorial choices, scooting along the same trail, on a tiny bicycle, with training wheels. He managed to rock both the “bad ass” and “childlike innocence” looks in one odd package.

-finally, also on the Hangang, a man walks across the river on a wire. Dang… don’t see that too often, do ya? And only a mile from home! Click on the pick to watch the video. Sadly, we didn’t have the camera two days earlier when we saw a more talented athlete accomplish the same task on a blustery day, by RUNNING across the wire… seriously… running. You know you are good at when you make other people who do something incredible look tame by comparison.




  1. Wow.. Dominica is now in Seoul…hmm. which post did I miss?

  2. Matty,

    Poor guy. Doesn’t that bridge in the background have any sidewalks?


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