Closing the Ann Arbor Chapter

April 25, 2007

This past April, filled with staggered goodbyes, has really made me feel the bittersweetness of vagabondage. [see flickr set] It was much more difficult to leave Ann Arbor than I had anticipated it would be. This, of course, is directly related to the sadness I feel about leaving beloved friends and valued colleagues, all of whom will be sorely missed.  As trite as it may sound, with each new move, life becomes more complicated. We now have cherished friends living on at least 4 continents and 12 different cities. In a perfect world, we could visit ALL of them once a year for at least a week each. Until that magic day when Matty and I both become wealthy independent scholars and make this possible, however, we will console ourselves with the thought of how fortunate we are to have met so many wonderful people on this journey so far. Here’s hoping that our next episode in Appleton will bring us similar joys and sorrows.



  1. It’s a blessing to cry when you leave somewhere. Maybe the greatest sorrow are the years when we were drifting without so many friends in AA. Why is that always the way? Must get down to the friend making business in the APT tout de suite.

    If the house hunting goes well, though, can vagabondage continue? Mortgagebondage perhaps?

  2. Matty,

    See you took my idea about possible blog name change.

    As you go, you grow. Leaving things behind in movement are never left behind. The important ones always stay with you. You just keep adding and less important ones fade and drop off.

    Just wait til your in your 60’s and have grandchildren…


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