Another round up the hill

March 23, 2007

Today I decided to zap the blues with a long hard run up the nearby mountain, Ansan. The last time I tried this, I got a little lost and was barked at by Army guard dogs. Today, the only problems I had were clucking ajummas complaining, “Oh now, it’s too slippery for that kind of running down the mountain, by all means. . . .”

Last time I made the following prediction:

Now that I know the path, I’ll make it in under an hour next time, fo’ sho’.

Today’s time up the mountain: 45 mintues. Huzzah.

After a shower I headed off to dinner at my local diner and met a group of Americans who are missionaries at a church next door. Interestingly enough, the pastor was a graduate of… Nathan Hale High School and the son of the pastor at a Baptist Church on Layton Avenue. Another person in the group was from Williamsburg, Virginia, where our dear friends are living and where Dominica is headed today. Inneresting.

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