sigh, or, happiness isn’t…

March 4, 2007

On her way home….*


Well, you ever in the need for time to be speeding up? Spend a few long months thousands of miles away from your sweetheart and then schedule a short visit with tons of work to do/people to meet. Time will fly, I guarantee.

So, I sigh… and the sky sighs with me, all day long, in the rainiest day since I came to Korea. Luckily, it got up to 60 degrees, so it isn’t all that bad out, but still, the mood does seem uncannily resonant with the sadness that comes with yet another couple of months of separation.

I will say that the visit could not have been better. We had loads of fun, meeting friends and eating delicious food, and Dominica found a Korea she never really had a chance to see before. I think she can look forward to her sojourn here with a lot more excitement and a bit less trepidation knowing that she’s got a world here that she can fit comfortably into and that welcomes her with open arms

That’s all I have the strength to say… I’ll leave you with a poem from Gyeongheo, and a song from Lou Rawls, that perfectly capture my moods.

It must be the grace of heaven that allows us to meet,
You adorned with aromatic hair and beautiful hairpieces.
Amid the constant rain from the clouds over the Yang tower,
The seagulls of Nak harbor fly up high as dragons.
The brown leaves and desolate woods mean it is already
late summer,
And a thin smoke floats by the old castle like flowing water.
I emptied the wine glass to toast our reluctant parting,
And it will be my lasting memory in this fleeting world.

* Actually, “home” is becoming a relative concept now. She’s left some clothes here, and a suitcase, and our second cat… so, this place is rapidly becoming her new “home,” even as she flies back to the old one. So, when she left the airport today, I bid her farewell by saying “Go and come back soon!

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