Oh no, I gotta big Ding on my lap!

February 7, 2007

Ding, otherwise known as Ling, or Ling-a-ding, is sitting on my lap and purring as loudly as possible. My coffee has cooled just enough to be perfect, and the clementines that followed my yummy “hu-ru-ts n’ nut” (that would be – fruits and nuts in the native tongue) cereal were not the least bit sour.

I just want to mark for perpetuity how thankful I am to have a friend like Ding. She’s been by my side for almost 14 years! I’m a little anxious as well because I’m leaving her alone this weekend and this will be the first time she has to go a few days with me gone. Luckily, my next-door-neighbor Hana will be taking her in. They both like each other, so it should be a fun time for both. Ah, the reassurance of finding a good ding-sitter.

Another Ling-ecdote: The lady from the gas company came in last week on a scheduled visit to check the pipes for leakage (”uh, no Ma’am, those are my pipes leaking, sincere apologies”). As most Korean women of a certain age are wont to do, she let out an “um-muh-muh!” to indicate shock and a bit of fear when she finally took notice of the little beast who was following close behind.

After she got over the initial shock, she said, “Hey, you know, she’s actually pretty cute. How long have you raised her?”

“Almost 14 years.”

“Ohmigosh. She’s not a pet, she’s your little sister! Wow, and you brought her here from the States?”


“Look at you! You international cat!”

That’s Ding, my international little sister cat, sitting in my lap, staring at me and purring as I bring this morning’s breakfast to a close.


Oh, P.S. – to my freezing peeps back in the hinterlands… it was 56 degrees here yesterday! You’ll be happy to know it is 35 and rainy right now though.

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