February 2, 2007

Ok…now i’m really excited about the possibilities at Lawrence…

Favre says he’ll be back with Packers in ‘07

‘I’m excited about playing for a talented young football team’

Me too, Brett, me too.

I thought he had a really good year and would have been pretty bummed had he threw in the towel now. This past year was one of growth and learning. Actually, I think it took him a while to realize that he has to learn how to be a quarterback again with his new skills and his new surrounding cast. He’s so stubborn sometimes, so, in the beginning of the year and last year (when he did absolutely idiotic things and really was more justified in calling it quits) he was really stagnant. But this year, I saw a change. He played a smarter game, a little closer to the vest, resulting in a tighter game overall. What you saw as a result was a team that was learning along with him.

Sometimes, he really could have benefitted from having his Dad around to smack him up and tell him to grow up. When he’d make a bonehead play and say stuff like, “This is just who I am!” implying he had nothing to learn, that was maddening. Of course you have something to learn… always! In these later years, he has a great opportunity to take on a brand new leadership role and really embrace it. I think he’s realized that and is energized by it.

I know that when he suddenly broke down and cried after the last game against the Bears, a game I had the fortune to actually watch (and win 5$), I was not ready. So, neither should he be… )

The Pack will be BACK – Feb. 3, 2008, Glendale, AZ.

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