January 25, 2007

Well, it’s been a very busy spell for me here in Seoul. Lots of commuting, writing, reading, etc etc etc. I’ve not been the happiest camper, but I can’t complain too much.

Still, I needed something… and I did get a nice little surprise. A new bathhouse was opened just a few minutes from my home. Yippee! Cheap, clean and big… can’t beat that.

Hot bath, super hot bath, cold bath, super cold bath, dry sauna, steam room, rinse, repeat. Then, when all the dirt has been properly brought to the surface, you scrub with a little abrasive towel to get off all the gunk. And boy, is there gunk. You can’t get this stuff off when you shower, you must scrub! So scrub away I did, and it came off in rolls and rolls of brownish gunk.

I came out feeling buoyant and ready to continue my hectic ways. You can read about a Korean bath house in the States, here. But, to be accurate, it doesn’t really talk about a bath house so much as the “jjim jil bang” which is just a super fancy bunch of sauna and lounging spaces. I prefer the bathing part, myself. No clothes for me, no sir.

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