Mom’s Steppin’ Out~

January 15, 2007

I wanted to wish the best of luck to Mom’s recovery. She begins her new life with a human-made ankle today. It is so unbelievable to conceptualize – getting a new joint and being able to stand on it the same day. Science fiction becomes science fact. Here’s hoping all goes well and you are doing wind sprints within winter’s thaw (assuming winter every properly freezes, that is)!

As for everything else… I have no time to blog! I work work work… or clean the house, or take care of the cat, or meet with friends and associates, etc. I’ll try my best to get some pictures up of a recent family wedding (my first at a Catholic church in Korea) and of some interesting culture issues I’ve had my eye on (regarding Korean textbook revision, the insane pressures for beauty conformity/plastic surgery, and some other gender politics stuff).

I do have one horrible news item to speak of. A few nights ago, about a mile from my house, an American solider allegedly raped a 67 year-old Korean woman repeatedly, beating her face in the process. He was caught in the act and thrown in jail. I can’t say this will do well for Korean/foreign relations, especially on quiet dark alleys, late at night.



  1. Good news as Mom is getting out of the hospital today Tuesday around 1:30. She slept ok and is feeling and sounding pretty good.

  2. Hi Matty,

    Mom’s home and doing quite well. She had a nerve block on her lower leg, ankle and foot and it’s long gone. She has oxicontin and Brett’s favorite, vicodin for long and short term pain. They seem to be doing a pretty good job. She had a pretty good first night, on and off sleep. We have her set up in the computer room. Chris stayed over last night and was a big help.

    Good news from doc. Mom can put up to 50# on her right heel when standing. That gives her a stability boost. Doc says pressure on ankle can also stimulate bone growth, so it’s a win-win deal.

    Will keep you informed.


  3. Yay! I’m so happy to hear that everything went well… and I’m also so excited to see you scurrying about without pain! More travels are on the horizon. Here’s to a happy and restful recuperation, mom.

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