Happy Birthday Big Bro – M2!

November 12, 2006

You say it’s your birthday? It was our birthdays too yeah! Oh, November is birthday central in our family… Myself, Nephew Nathan, Mom… and Mike, too!

Here’s hoping you have a super great day. I’ll certainly miss hanging with you up at the cabin this year. Considering the results of the election, I’m sure there would have been much to celebr…er… what was I saying? The weather seems great in Wisconsin these days, right? I better go now.

Wake up man, it’s your birthday~!


I knew you were up~


Thanks for the ride, bro!


The Deerslayer (why’s the deer sticking its tongue out?)~




  1. Hi There,

    There will be great celebration in the deer cabin. Any time I can get 3 of 4 of my sons together for a few days of good fellowship, it’s great. Only too bad you can’t be there in body although I know you’ll be there in spirit, spooking around out in the woods scaring the deer, no doubt. Honorable task for a vegan!!

    Kidding aside, we need you back with us as soon as you can be there.

    Thinking of you,


  2. it’ll be a tough weekend here thinking of you all in the cabin… hope it is a safe and happy time for all.

  3. Thanks Matty!! We’ll miss you this weekend, but we’ll have one or two for you!! See you for Christmas.

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