d-day? not yet. b-day? you bet.

November 1, 2006

So, all the worries about the North Koreans are like distant memories here. Nuclear what?

More important is celebrating number 35! yay. Foreigners tend to complain about Koreans for any infinite number of things. You don’t see too much of that here, but I’ll admit to succumbing to the habit myself sometimes.

But let it never be said that the Korean people are not exemplars of being “well-versed in the proprieties of social conduct.” Yes, the words sound odd in English, which says more about America and the state of our culture than it does about my skills at translation. Indeed, the notion of “upholding propriety” is at the very marrow of what it means to be Korean. This can certainly have its negative effects, but let me tell ya, when your birthday rolls around, such defects are long forgotten.

It’s only 2am on my birthday and already I’ve had 5 happy birthday phone calls and a splendid cozy li’l party with cake, sparklers, wine, and clementines.

Hana, Caleb, JJ – thank you so muchie!



  1. Hey! You beat me to the birthday posting punch!  Not fair, I’ve got another 8 hours before it’s the 2nd over here on this side!  Well, hopefully I’ve redeemed myself a bit by being the first to comment. 😛  It seems to me that celebrating your birthday in Korea is the way to go. Since you’ve got people on both sides of the Pacific wishing you well today, your b-day really lasts a full 36 hours. Not bad!

    I’m so glad you’ve already met friends thoughtful enough to come knocking on your door at 12:05am to throw you a b-day party.

    I wish we could be together today, but alas, I will just have to wish you a wonderful 35th birthday from afar. Have a great day… and a good b-day run (can you believe it’s been a year since that “vagabondage” picture of us was taken?  And exactly 5 years since we went on our inaugural b-day run at Tilden?)!

    Love and miss you much,
    D & the fuzzy munchkins

  2. Hi my Matty, Happy 35th Birthday to do. I remember the day so very well. I also remember the tiny bassinette we put you in when we came home and the tiny little room that bed was in.

    Like Dominica, this is early here but well into your day there. Hope you have a wonderful day, a good run and hope you like your birthday box.

    I, too, am glad that you have such wonderful friends who come calling with a portable party for you the minute your big day starts.

    I love you very much and am certainly proud of all you’ve accomplished in your 35 years. xxoo Mom
    P.S. Miss you too. I’m so glad we get to visit.

  3. Now it’s your birthday here, so… HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you deserve not just a great day, but a great 35th year. I will try to get drunk in your honor.

    oh, and by the way, a 36 hour birthday is something, man: use it wisely.


  4. Happy Birthday, Matty! Looks like you had a good time. I’m glad you have good friends to spend it with.

  5. Happy B-day Matty! I am enjoying your blog very much and living vicariously through your travels and experiences. Wishing you more adventure and growth in your 35th year!

    Kristin (Mike, Teddy and Lily too)

  6. Happy B-Day Bro! You’re catching up 35!!! Wow, that’s old. Have fun be safe, see you on Christmas. Love, Mike

  7. Matty,



  8. Oh My Matty!! Oh NO!!!
    I just had a chance to open my SHROOK…

    PLEASE FUR-GIVE ME For being late.
    And I hope your birthday was
    Purr-fectly great!

  9. thank you thank you one and all. i miss you and look forward to seeing most of you at christmas… er… i mean, everyone i will see i look forward to seeing, but some of you i won’t be able to see, and i look forward to that,… wait, no.. damn, too many birthday cocktails.

    anyways – thanks!!! 😉

  10. Hope you had a great birthday, and that u were able to last all the live~long day!! Happy Birthday. Loving this site~great idea, and thanx for sharing,
    ♥Aunty Cara

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