d-day? not yet. b-day? you bet.

November 1, 2006

So, all the worries about the North Koreans are like distant memories here. Nuclear what?

More important is celebrating number 35! yay. Foreigners tend to complain about Koreans for any infinite number of things. You don’t see too much of that here, but I’ll admit to succumbing to the habit myself sometimes.

But let it never be said that the Korean people are not exemplars of being “well-versed in the proprieties of social conduct.” Yes, the words sound odd in English, which says more about America and the state of our culture than it does about my skills at translation. Indeed, the notion of “upholding propriety” is at the very marrow of what it means to be Korean. This can certainly have its negative effects, but let me tell ya, when your birthday rolls around, such defects are long forgotten.

It’s only 2am on my birthday and already I’ve had 5 happy birthday phone calls and a splendid cozy li’l party with cake, sparklers, wine, and clementines.

Hana, Caleb, JJ – thank you so muchie!

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