October 22, 2006

As she scurries like the late-fall squirrels, getting her acorns all in a row, Dominica had enough spare time to venture to the 19th Century French Studies Colloquium down in JohnMellencampTown, er, Bloomington, Indiana, where she didn’t merely read her nice conference paper… but walked away with the prize for best graduate student submission – the Schor Memorial Award, named after Naomi Schor, a towering figure in Romance Languages who sought to bring together psychology, feminism, and literary studies in one exciting (yes, my non-academic friends, i said exciting 🙂 ) package.

Congrats, my dear! A well-deserved prize for a hard working scholar. Only a few weeks left and the long journey meets its jubilant end. As they say here… Dominica, FIGHTING!



  1. Great job, Dominica!

  2. Congratulations, Dominica. You deserve everything you get. Love ya!

  3. Dominy!!!! Not in the least bit surprising, really, but that does not take away from how great it is! BIG BIG CONGRATS!!!!

  4. Nice work, D. Now stop making the rest of us slackers look bad! Celebratory sushi soon?

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