Thanks Cousin Jane! – the Cap Times – Yay!

October 18, 2006

Wow… i never knew the blog would take me to the (little) big time! But indeed, i’ve traversed from pixel to page. It seems that one of my lurkers, a cousin who works for the the Madison Capitol Times, had her interest piqued enough to suggest to an editor that perhaps i could write a full-on op-ed for them to publish. So I did, and they did. Huzzah.

I’m thinking Dad may not be too pleased, as I veered a bit from the “I report, you decide” model with this one…

The only thing they really changed was my title, and that was probably smart. My original “Korea has Stood Up! Now Give the Baby his Candy and Let’s Move On.” Also, in the bio blurb, Dominica made the editorial insertion of “University of Michigan” huh huh. I wasn’t really sure I wanted to have such a public “coming out” in my hometown paper. 🙂



  1. Congratulations, Matty! You have everything that’s needed for being the “Public Intellectual of Our Generation”!
    From my outsider’s point of view -a Peruvian in the United States- your piece seems pretty balanced to me. It may sound radical for many Americans, but Korea’s culture and history is very complex. What you are doing here is a much needed exercise of trying to understand others before trying to bring “answers” or “solutions” to what from here is perceived as a problem.

    Man, come on, there’s a whole world out there! There are now 300 million Americans (today’s count, isn’t it?) But there are still 6.4 billion people left, and theirs is a completely different world. Putting yourself in other people’s shoes is a difficult but much needed exercise in today’s America, especially when you have the responsibility that comes with force. And even more so when that force is causing so much trouble out there… Thank you for this display of sanity .

  2. Wonderful article, Matty, with so many good points. More people need to read and realize what good can come from understanding and patience.

  3. Good ink, Matty.

    I note the Washington Times and New York Post didn’t pick it up.

    I wonder why?


  4. thanks for the kind words everybody… most appreciated.

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