October 9, 2006

today was the first gloomy day of fall, and i’m not just talking about the fact that the world’s neck collectively snapped to attention in our direction. after about a month straight of sunny and warm, today was gray, damp, and cool and the wind blew straight through me for the first time since last winter.

i was inside my office early, in a two hour meeting for six hours, and then didn’t even start the long trek home till it was already getting dark. commuters huddled around the tv at the subway station to hear their leader speak sternly about grave events. the hush on the bus was interrupted only by the dismal prospects discussed by scholars on news radio. to top it off, my head hurts, my nose is stuffy, i have sneezes, aches and pains.

i’m going to spend the night cleaning house and listening to the saddest wilco songs, with the lights on low. it’s like castor oil, except for crying. the only consolation as the tears begin to fall, is knowing that at least it’s a sign i’m still alive and kicking.

Far, far away
From those city lights
That might be shining on you tonight
Far, far away from you
On the dark side of the moon

I long to hold you in my arms and sway
Kiss and ride on the CTA
I need to see you tonight

UPDATE: ah…. ok, that’s better. the medicine is kicking in, the evening coffee has mellowed me, a couple more work projects are completed (kaching!), and I finally got to talk with my older brother for the first time since I left home. Thanks pharmacy, thanks wilco, thanks caffeine, thanks Mark – i feel much better!


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