Some sights and sounds from my latest ‘ventures

October 1, 2006

This past week, I got a ton of work done at school and then took thursday and friday to travel down south before 20 million other people do next week for Chuseok. It was absolutely dandy. I went swimming! for the first time here in Korea. The water was really warm… and made me ascareda sharks, even though I know there aren’t any maneathers around the peninsula. Dumb, eh? I partook of delicious raspberry liquor and took in the sights and sounds of a temple I visited for the very first time, Naeso-sa. The video of the evening bell is below, along with a bunch of other pictures that all link to larger images on Flickr.

On Saturday, I had my first super hard run, a mountain climb up the slopes of An-san (”san” means mountain). It was an hour 45 minutes total. I didn’t run the whole way, I admit, cuz at times the trail looked like this. I almost made it to the peak in an hour anyways. Unfortunately, i got lost a bit, and ended up on the military side of the mountain. Not smart. How’d I know I was in the wrong place? The foxholes and trenches should have clued me in. But the guard dog going nutso was what really tipped me off. Now that I know the path, I’ll make it in under an hour next time, fo’ sho’.

Next week will be very busy, with visits to the mountain graves of Dominica’s cousin (who died tragically only a few months ago) and uncle (who, along with his wife, came all the way from Korea to attend our wedding). Then next-next week I’ll be headed to Pusan to research the Pusan International Film Festival.
I’ll let you know more about that later. For now, enjoy some pix and a video.

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