the first ascent

September 13, 2006

Today was my first venture up a mountain this time around in Korea, Bukhan-san. I went with Dominica’s first cousin, Seong-yeol (who i just call “hyoung” = older brother) and two of his workers from his spaghetti restaurant, Sorrentos, who just call me, “Matty-hyoung.” I gotta say, i like the custom. it warms my heart everytime I hear them call it out.

Below are some photos from along the way…and after. You can see a whole bunch of new shots, with notes!, here.

Oh, and I came here to Korea for some reason or other… uh… oh yeah, school and research. Here’s the view from my office at the Kyujanggak at Seoul National University (Seoul Daehakkyo or Seouldae for short).



  1. Yum – acorn jelly with sasparilla!! :mrgreen: I also noticed that Sung Yeol Hyoung’s restaurant serves one of my favorites – a tomato-based mixed shellfish pasta sauce. You say he’s good about feeding the cousins for free, eh?

    The office view of trees and mountains is nice, I suppose, but doesn’t quite match the lovely tar pit and satellite dish landscape I have the MLB. Too bad for you. Is that Namsan park in the distance?

  2. M,

    You have an OFFICE? Wow, them Fullbright fellers sure have it purty swank! When I went to school, I had two old planks to form a rough table…


  3. Dad – The office is only due to my old Michigan connections, rather than Fulbright… and, you don’t see my desk… i only have one plank… and it is resting on uneven barrels.

    Domini – cousins eat free… actually they get paid to speak english loudly – gives the place a certain, uh, swank factor i guess. And that is not namsan… it is kwanak san…. Namsan pics, with tower (natch!) are coming soon, i promise.

  4. fine pictures, guys! i am especially entranced by the photos of food.

  5. nice office, matty! (with luck, and a letter from the government, you can get a cell phone, too!)

    cheers from michigan, where you are missed.


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