Food, lodging, TLC

September 1, 2006

What’s up everybody? I’m feeling much better today and will hopefully be up to 100% soon. I had another run this morning, along a nice “rail to trails” project in downtown Gwangju, fulfilling my 172nd week in a row of running at least 10 miles or more. These travel weeks are always the hardest, but i managed.

Now, to the good stuff. First, some food. This is dolsot bibimbap – mixed rice in a hot rock pot:


I could eat this every day. Perfect for vegetarians and meat eaters alike, as you can add meat or not quite easily. And this is “paht bingsu” a superbly delicious summer treat of shaved ice, condensed milk, sweet red beans, and various and sundry other yummies:


Now lodging. Here’s my living room:

IMG_4493.jpg IMG_4494.jpg

bedroom: IMG_4495.jpg IMG_4497.jpg

bathroom: IMG_4489.jpg



And now, the TLC. My friends and family. My “little brother” (dongsaeng) whom I met in Michigan. Setting up camp on the floor like this is the common means of hanging out at home:


My friend from Seouldae (Seoul University or Seoul Daehakkyo in Korean), Seokjin, who was kind enough to donate the plants, table and pillow for my living room:


The cousins’ kids, basically nephews and nieces:

IMG_4479.jpg IMG_4452.jpg

and two of Dominica’s cousins:


Woah. That’s a lotta pictures. Next time, the places to go for fun, etc.


  1. all looks grand

  2. Congratulations on your nice settling in Korea. You look great and everything around you also looks gorgeous.
    Great to hear that there’s a jogging track in downtown Gwangju.
    Wow, dolsot bibimbap … you made me feel homesick…

    Anyway, hope you keep having good memories in Korea. I really envy you.
    (I enjoyed seeing your video podcasting…keep up the work for your fan(s) –> You’ve got one at least. ^ ^)

  3. Oh, it’s so much fun to see all of this. Thanks so much, Matty.

  4. Hello,
    I’m getting better at moving around on your blog. Slow but sure. We were up at cabin and at casino in Carter, west of Wausaukee Sat. thru Wed. noon. Then visited Aunt Jane in Gillett on way home.

    Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well. Hope all’s better.

    Your place looks nice. See you, literally.



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