Checking in…

August 31, 2006

Hello faithful readers~

Where are the apartment pictures? Where are the first posts about my new digs? Well, they’re coming, I promise. But after I take a short break. Truth be told, I’m beat. Coming to Korea was really tiring, the week before and now the week after, so, I’m trying to slow down a little bit. Consider my horrible jet lag that continues: after a great morning run on the Han gang (a whole 7 miles on my first time out, yeay!) I proceeded to slag through the rest of the day, collapsing at 8.30 pm. I awoke feeling rested, content and wide awake… only to realize it was 2.20 am and I wasn’t gonna get back to sleep. Argh.

Also, I wanted to get the apartment organized/decorated a bit before letting it go public ) I’m almost done though, so you’ll see it soon. But, not immediately, because as I am wont to do, I escaped Seoul the first chance I got to go to my old Korean hometown, Gwangju. Here in Gwangju I have two of my best friends in Korea, Bob and Hwancheol. They own a little English academy and have a nice little place here near the World Cup soccer stadium. Gwangju is such a nice respite from Seoul – cleaner, quieter, gentler…. and my friends’ hospitality is just too dang inviting to resist. I expect to making a few visits here over the year.

For now, that’s all I can add. I’ll try to get my pictures online soon for all to see… and I’ll try to find some exciting things to write about. Most importantly, I just need to get my “sea legs” here on the wild peninsula. Until next time… I miss you all!

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