I made it

August 27, 2006

Hello from tomorrow. I’ve made it around the world and am all set to get going…. to bed.

Seriously, the flight went really quickly as I was able to sleep the first seven hours, then watch three hours of “The Wire” on my laptop and then sleep some more. Unfortunately, the two Filipina housewives blocking me from the aisle had cast-iron bladders and didn’t budge once during the flight, forcing me to get up out of the window seat and climb over them about 10 times. Other than that, though, no problems.

Check in again soon, till then, I say hello here! (I had to do this just to see how cool it would be if I could get it done right here in the airport. I love the 21st century!)



  1. Good to hear you arrived safe and sound. You might know you’d be next to the cement bladders. Maybe they had catheters for the trip. Love, ya, Mom

  2. Hi! I am so glad that you all have this website available for us! It’s great. I’ve read it all and watched the videos and looked at the photos, very interesting. I get the videos, but they cut in and out a lot~wonder if there is anything I can do to remedy that. Let me know please. I was trying to check you all out on the bike ride, but couldn’t get that video to work. Hope you have a great nights sleep and are well rested for your journey…am looking forward to following you! Love, Cara

  3. uh oh.. i think the multimedia part will be a problem it seems. especially for folks with dialup (cough, cough – they still have dialup?). Kidding Aunty Cara.

    Seriously though, thanks much for checking in! I feel closer to home already 🙂

  4. Matty,

    Glad all went well. Is burst bladder surgery as cheap as eye glasses in Korea?

    Be well, stay out of traffic and don’t eat any rotten cabbage.

    Love, Dad

    P.S. I gave up on video after waiting five minuites.

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