Here we go again…

August 26, 2006

This upcoming December 2006, Matty and I will celebrate 15 years together. Of that decade and a half, we have spent 36 months apart (24 of them on separate continents). One might think that we are used to this routine by now, but the sad airport goodbyes (of which we’ve now had 10) never do get easier. (I always wonder whether we would have had any fewer separations if Matty had made the decision to go back to the Air Force Academy.) On the other hand, I think we have gotten very good about keeping things in perspective: reminding ourselves that we are separating out of choice and not obligation, remembering how quickly time passes after the tears dry, and keeping in mind how important our work/travel/research is to both of us (and therefore why our frequent separations are ultimately worth the sadness they cause).

With that thought in mind, Matty, I wish you the most wonderful of Fulbright years ahead. Live, work, and play well, then come back to us safe and sound – I know you’ll (continue to) make us all proud. Can’t wait to read your updates.

p.s. If you are reading this post in time (i.e., before Sunday afternoon), you can check the status of his flight here (Asiana #235).

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